Would You Take Wonder – Drug That Stops Ageing?

Samuel King, Kyle Adams, Tia Situmorang and Marnie Hill in Ageless.

This dilemma is at the heart of a play opening at Norwich Theatre Royal’s Stage Two from March 7-9.

If a new wonder-drug is created to reverse the curse of ageing, would you take it?

It examines the idea of the benefits of looking like a teenager forever and how we support a society that is forever young.

Presented by the theatre’s Young Company, the production looks at what it means to be a young person and the ways in which generations collide.

The production itself is part of the National Theatre Connections Festival which commissions brand new plays for young people to perform.

Marnie Hill, who plays Antonia, said it explores a lot of topical issues including self-image and its links to mental health, and the need to belong to particular groups. She said: “The pill is this idealised solution to people’s insecurities and a quick solution rather than dealing with them long-term. It also explores whether modern technology and advertising create too much pressure on us.”

Nell Basley as Elliot Temples and George Marshall as Jacob Aduba.

Fellow cast-member Ewan Short, who plays Mustafa, said the group dynamics of the characters in the play are also really interesting. He said: “Mustafa acts as a bit of an outcast but is actually quite reliant on his group of friends. He also cares a lot about other people’s opinions although he gives the impression that he is not really bothered and nothing really hurts him.”

“You get to see the different dynamics within the group and how they get upset if they think they are not getting heard. It relates well to growing up as a teenager and all the different issues in the modern world.”

Find out more about the play as cast members Charlotte and Nell reveal what is in store. Book your tickets for this performance through our website. All performances will be captioned.

Nell Basley and Charlotte Woollsey Ageless Interview