Tap Factory – Meet the Dancers

Tap Factory - October 26-27

Tap Factory is a high-energy blast of music, percussion, comedy and dance. Created in France by Vincent Pausanias, it has toured everywhere from Europe to China – and next month, it’s here in Norwich.


Adam Brant and Lee Meadows will both be dancing in the show when it arrives on the 26 & 27 October. Here they are, telling us what we can expect:

“The show has got a lot in there,” Adam explains. “It’s a big tap show, it’s a comedy show, there’s acrobats, there’s hip hop dancing – there’s a bit of everything in there.”

Lee agrees: “Even though we’re tap dancers, we get involved in a lot of the other numbers as well. We do percussion, playing the drums in water; we’ve got a guy who does hand balance and strap numbers; hip hop guys; we’ve even got a guy who plays the flute! We’ve got everything – and it’s normally all happening at the same time, which makes it quite spectacular.”

With the international tour behind them, Tap Factory must be an exciting show to be a part of. For Lee Meadows, though, Norwich will be a particularly welcome stop. He’ll be making a return visit to the Theatre Royal, having been involved in a number of our Christmas pantomimes over the years.

What is it that keeps him coming back?

“I love Norwich,” he says, “it’s such a nice city with a great history – it’s just a nice buzz to be around.”

While they were here, the pair taught a tap lesson to the boys of Legacy, an all-male youth dance company from Norwich (see what they got up to here).  “A couple of the guys that we did the workshop with today were the panto babes from six years ago. So to see them still on that journey today, and still in the studio – that was incredible.”


Don’t miss out on seeing Tap Factory when it arrives here on 26 & 27 October. Buy tickets now at Norwich Theatre Royal.