Safe – Actor Q&A

14th September 2017 NTRNews 0

In our Stage Two auditorium right now, rehearsals are continuing for Safe, a hard-hitting play about the real-life stories of homeless LGBTQ youth and the challenges they’ve faced. Commissioned as part of our Creative Matters […]

The Bronte timeline

17th July 2017 NTRNews 0

Born in West Yorkshire on 21 April 1816, Charlotte Bronte would grow up to become one of the best-loved writers in the English language, and her books remain popular to this day. Tonight, a stunning […]

6 curiouser and curiouser things to know

15th July 2017 NTRNews 0

Wonderland is packed with puns, nonsense characters and baffling moments. The White Queen resolves to believe six impossible things before breakfast – so here are six of our favourite things to know about Alice In […]

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