Tables Turned On Iconic Interviewer As Parky Tells His Story

The man whose peak-time interviews with the world’s biggest names became must-see TV is taking to the stage at Norwich Theatre Royal.

Sir Michael Parkinson will tell his story beginning in a Yorkshire pit village to becoming a Saturday night ratings-hit chatting to a host of iconic names.

In conversation with his son Mike, he will also share some of the highlights from his archive of interviews during the September 8 show.

With the aid of his incisive interviewing and natural charm, he chatted to a wide range of celebrities, stars, politicians and cultural leaders including Nelson Mandela, Marlon Brando and Muhammed Ali.

Michael was particularly renowned for his empathy which allowed him to draw out the real person behind the headlines and hype which often helped persuade them to reveal anecdotes about themselves for the first time.

From ITV Pictured: Michael Parkinson Photographer: Richard McLaren For further information please contact the ITV picture desk on 0207 737 8915 (c) ITV

The show is not just about his guests and it also draws on his relationship with his friends, family and colleagues.

Sir Michael said: “It’s the story of how I made it out of a pit village to the top of those famous stairs with all the highs and lows along the way in the company of Billy Connolly, Muhammed Ali, Lauren Bacall, Sir David Attenborough, Joan Rivers, Sir Michael Caine, Madonna and Dame Edna Everage to name but a few.

“It’s a great show which I love doing and, if I wasn’t on stage, I would buy a ticket.”

John Bultitude, of Norwich Theatre Royal, added: “This will be a fantastic opportunity to follow the story of a journalist whose natural interviewing ability, enviable charm and dogged determination to tell a story made him a mainstay of prime-time TV for over three decades.”

Hear who Sir Michael would still love to interview as he chats to Lorraine Kelly below.