Super Sunday – here 15 & 16 May

Super Sunday - May 15-16

Part of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival, Super Sunday is here on 15 & 16 May.

It’s the newest super-fun show from Race Horse Company, the acclaimed all-male Finnish circus troupe with a reputation for madcap brilliance.

Big on flying, big on skill and big on stomach-churning thrills, it is delivered with laidback humour on a stage dressed as a derelict funfair. Against an atmospheric soundtrack, tension builds as the six performers casually propel themselves higher and higher on trampolines, teeterboards and with catapults. A single slip and things could be messy!

Funny, brave and irreverent, Super Sunday is so exciting that you cannot look away for a second.

Take a look at these photos of the acrobats onstage:

Set in a disused fairground, the show tells a story about the life of a circus troupe   Photo: Pierre Borasci
The breath-taking Wheel of Death    Photo: Petter Hellman
Stunning acrobatic feats and death-defying leaps mean that you can’t tear your eyes away   Photo: Petter Hellman
Two acrobats suspended within the Wheel Of Death Photo: Petter Hellman
One slip, and things could get messy…   Photo: Petter Hellman
It’s edge of your seat stuff!  Photo: Petter Hellman

Super Sunday is here on 15 & 16 May. It is suitable for ages 12+ and tickets are available now.