Staff Picks – October 2018

As part of our new season announcement, we spoke to some of our staff members here at the Norwich Theatre Royal to find out which shows have caught their eye in the latest brochure.


Lily Cutler – Box Office Assistant

The Mousetrap

“You probably wouldn’t expect it from my cheery face, but I really love murder mystery stories (I do also love Disney) and look forward to anything by Agatha Christie or Peter James. I love the twists and turns in the story, and being introduced to different characters and trying to figure them out as they develop. I’m already booked in for The House on Cold Hill and excited to see the return of Christie’s The Mousetrap. It’s such a clever storyline with an ending you won’t expect, you certainly won’t be disappointed!”


Cristina Howlett – HR Manager


The Girl on the Train

“Being someone who usually shies away from anything remotely scary, I am surprisingly really excited to see The Girl on the Train. This gripping thriller will have the audience guessing and on the edge of their seats to the very end, which I feel is the best part of the experience of Theatre – taking you out of the day-to-day and allowing you to be captured by the performance and the intense atmosphere it creates.”


Andrew Ramsbottom – Box Office Assistant

A Song At Twilight

“I love Noel Coward! I’ve admired his work for a long time so I was excited to hear A Song At Twilight was coming to us. Coward attracts the best of British and I’m looking forward to seeing Jane Asher and Simon Callow as the leads. His plays often focus on the glossy, glamorous world of actors and writers as they manage, with hilarious consequences, their complicated personal lives. Beneath the witty exchanges, there’s always a darker undercurrent threatening to surface. See you there – smoking jackets optional!”


Jane Claridge – Executive Director


“Mark Morris Dance Group will bring their contemporary celebration of The Beatles: Sgt Pepper album to us in April. Pepperland promises to be a riot of colour. With splashes of turquoise, gold and cerise the costumes are bold; a commissioned score, which includes Penny Lane and other tracks from the album, switches keys and lands between mystic and jive; and the dance is going to be explosive. With a post-show talk, it’s going to be a very special occasion.”


John Simpson-Wedge – Learning & Education Manager

Romeo and Juliet

“Brought up to loathe their rivals, and facing opposition from both houses, Romeo and Juliet nevertheless find love across the divide. I cannot think of a more appropriate tale in our climate. The fact their deaths bring peace between the families, when their marriage could not, makes this story all the more tragic. I’m also excited for the show because it will give opportunities to local young performers, who will join the company as members of the Chorus.”


Katrina Porter – Learning & Participation Assistant

Swan Lake

“New brochure time is always so exciting and I love to see what is coming up in the following months. I am really looking forward to Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake. It’s such an iconic and ground-breaking piece of dance. The dancers Bourne casts are always astonishing and mesmerising to watch. I’m excited to finally see Swan Lake in person.”


For full information on the latest shows, watch the brochure announcement video or visit our website.