Pantomime Statement

By Stephen Crocker, Norwich Theatre Royal chief executive

We can confirm that Ben Langley will not be part of the cast of the 2019-20 pantomime Cinderella.

It is very rare for any theatre producer to comment on casting processes and almost unheard of to announce that a performer will not be appearing in a new production. The casting process is complex and sensitive, and we also feel an ethical duty not to speculate on such matters. It is therefore with regret and under duress, we have taken this unusual decision as a response to media interest supported by Ben, customer inquiries and speculation on social media.

In making casting decisions, we look at the available parts, who would be most suitable for the individual roles on a production-by-production basis and no person is guaranteed to be engaged for more than one year at a time. When considering artists with whom we have previously worked, we also take into account their performance on and off stage. The production team has weighed up all of these factors when making this decision.