In Conversation with Kerry Hudson | Creative Matters: Living with Homelessness

Nine primary schools, five secondary schools, countless bed-and-breakfasts and council flats, and one single mother equals one difficult start to life. For Kerry Hudson, that was the reality of her childhood.

She is set to share her story In Conversation in Norwich’s Stage Two ahead of new book Lowborn being published setting out her experiences. The event on February 8th will form part of the next Creative Matters season hosted by Norwich Theatre Royal, Playhouse and Stage Two. The regular seasons aim to explore topical issues in a creative way within a safe space with the February 2019 season focusing on homelessness.

Kerry’s story of life among poverty should be a rarity on paper but that isn’t the case. She found that many of the young people she grew up with were experiencing many of the same issues. Things got so much that Kerry ran away from her previous circumstances starting again and 20 years later, she has an un-recognisable life. She is a prizewinning novelist who has travelled the world with a secure home, a loving partner and access to art, music, film and books.

Realising her life straddles two different worlds, Kerry decided to put pen to paper. Although best known as a writer of fiction, she has penned new book Lowborn which aims to explore where she came from. It sees her revisiting many of the towns she grew up so that she can discover what being poor in Britain really means and whether anything has changed since her experiences.

As well as a chance to revisit her past and smash through the denial of poverty, Kerry also wants to raise awareness of her story and see if any changes can be made. Lowborn promises to be a powerful, personal and agenda-chasing work of non-fiction which aims to tell a story which resonates with many and will also give an insight into life for those struggling with the realities of day-to-day living.

It is very different to her previous work, her first novel Tony Hogan Brought Me An Ice-Cream Float Before He Stole My Ma which won the Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust First Book Award and was shortlisted for an array of prizes including the Guardian First Book Award and the Sky Arts Awards.

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