Guests Wanted For High-Octane Hotel Stay

An invitation is being extended for audiences to enter a hotel which is guaranteed to thrill and excite all the guests.

World-famous circus company Cirque Eloize is set to bring its production Hotel to Norwich Theatre Royal on June 28-29.

Fresh from the success of their previous visit to the theatre with Cirkopolis, this production features a host of modern circus performers who bring the day-to-day happenings of an art deco hotel to life.

It aims to highlight the stories of staff and guests alike including a maître-d overwhelmed by events, a mischievous maid, and a devoted handyman with his dog Carpette.

Meanwhile those checking in include a client on the top floor room who leads the story, two lovers who do not realise they are meant to be together, and a celebrity who proves to have a lot more depth than people first realise.

A company of 12 world-renowned acrobats and musicians will bring the production to life. They specialise in a number of different performing disciplines including Chinese poles, juggling, hula-hoops, and the huge Cyr wheel.

Its director Emmanuel Guillaume said the show will explore how people who may not be known to each other interact in different surroundings. He said: “There are places where everyone is a stranger to one another and a foreigner is to the environs and their customs.

“These impromptu encounters upset the everyday balance of things, draw you into the unexpected, into extravagance and a new lightness of being. Our hotel presents this maxim and brings alive the circus maxim that anything is possible.”

Enjoy a glimpse of Hotel below: