Funny Girl The Musical – Four of our Favourites


Natasha J Barnes (Fanny Brice) and Darius Campbell (Nick Arnstein)
Photo: Paul Coltas


Funny Girl, the story of Fanny Brice’s rise from Brooklyn music hall to Broadway stardom, is here from 26 June.

It’s a show defined by its iconic score (including a few numbers originally performed by Brice herself). Those songs are what catapulted original Funny Girl star Barbra Streisand to worldwide fame, and earned her a Best Actress Oscar.

In this production, West End leading lady Natasha J Barnes takes on that iconic score. We picked out a few of our favourite songs.


  1. You Are Woman, I am Man

Natasha performs this touching duet with Darius Campbell, taking on the role of Nick Arnstein.

Darius rose to fame on Pop Idol in 2001. A successful recording career (including a supporting slot on Shakira’s tour) was followed by a stint on ITV’s Popstar To Operastar, after which he joined the cast of Carmen at the O2.

Darius has starred in Guys & Dolls and Gone With The Wind – and with that sort of pedigree, he’s definitely got the star power to pull it off.


  1. I’m The Greatest Star

“Hello gorgeous.”

The movie adaptation of Funny Girl was released in 1968, and that line became instantly iconic. Streisand repeated those words when she accepted her Oscar.

It’s a sentiment also to be found in the wonderfully self-confident song ‘I Am The Greatest Star’. Even when attending one disastrous audition after another, Fanny Brice knows that she’ll make it big one day – and maybe that’s a lesson for all of us!


  1. People

You’ll have this one stuck in your head when you leave the auditorium. People is one of those songs that anyone can quote a few words of: “People who need people, they’re the luckiest people in the world.”

As Darius puts it: “As we sing that song, we sing it from our hearts. It means all the more given some of the crazy, tragic things that are happening in the world right now. Now is a time to be compassionate and help each other more than ever before, and this song has that message – and I think it’s a really important one right now.”


  1. Don’t Rain On My Parade


And as our number one, it could only have been Don’t Rain On My Parade. This song reached a whole new generation when it was covered by the cast of Glee, and there’s nothing quite like the sound of the band striking up to play this defiant anthem.

“Don’t tell me not to live

Just sit and putter

Life’s candy and the sun’s

A ball of butter

Don’t bring around a cloud

To rain on my parade…”


Packed with these songs and many more, Funny Girl is here from 26 June – 1 July. Tickets are available now.