Dance favourites return to Norwich

Programme from Marie Rambert's 1929 performance at the Maddermarket; credit: Rambert Archive
Programme from Marie Rambert’s 1929 performance at the Maddermarket.   Credit: Rambert Archive


They’re Britain’s oldest dance company, and Rambert have been enthralling Norwich audiences since 1926 – when Marie Rambert herself performed ‘Character Dances’ at the Maddermarket Theatre.


And now they’re back again, with a programme of three works specifically for Norwich. We’re taking a look at what you can expect from one of the most innovative companies in the business…


Mark Baldwin is a former Rambert dancer and now the company’s Artistic Director. He told us how important that history is, and where he sees the company’s relationship with Norwich going from here – starting with tonight’s performance.


Let’s take a look at the first of those three dances. The energetic, sexy, riotous A Linha Curva helped the company win the Olivier Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dance. It’s a celebration of Brazilian culture, with a joyous carnival feel, and it’s bound to have you come out dancing! Here’s a preview:


Secondly, they’ll perform Tomorrow, an eerie retelling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, focused on the Witches. Produced alongside the Young Vic theatre, it’s a unique combination of artforms, featuring a DJ and even a musical saw, playing alongside the Rambert Orchestra.

Hear Mark explain why he’s so excited:


Finally, the achingly romantic Transfigured Night; set to a Schoenberg score, it tells the story of two lovers meeting at midnight, and the dark secret that threatens to tear them apart – it’s a perfect contrast to the brash A Linha Curva, and looks back at the company’s roots in classical ballet, in a wholly contemporary way.


Don’t miss out on this thrilling selection of contemporary dance; Rambert are here on the 6&7 October, and tickets cost from £7 – £24. They’re available from the website.