Ben Cullingworth Talks Let It Be

The music of the Fab Four is celebrated in the global stage hit Let It Be which takes to the stage at Norwich Theatre Royal on June 17-22. Ben Cullingworth, who performs as Ringo Starr (above), reveals more about what is in store.

Ben, firstly, tell us a bit about the show. What will audiences experience?

Audiences can expect a ‘Best Of The Beatles’ in Act 1, including a lot of crowd favourites to get them up dancing and singing along. In Act 2 we perform an imagined reunion concert held in 1980, including hits from each of their solo careers and also some other Beatles songs. It’s a unique show for an audience to experience.

What is it like stepping into the shoes of Ringo Starr and recreating so many iconic songs?

Ringo has always been one of my biggest drumming influences and The Beatles are my favourite band. They have so many incredible, iconic songs that it’s hard to fit them all into a show! However, it is a privilege to recreate them live and see the audience reactions to these songs as people have such a strong connection to them.

You’ve worked all over the world with artists and on shows. Apart from Let It Be, are there particular shows or performances you have done that stick in your mind?

I did a year or so with Million Dollar Quartet which was a great experience. We did tours in New Zealand and India which were a particular highlight. The Indian audiences were so enthusiastic

When you’re not touring, you play in soul and funk bands too. Tell us a bit about that.

Unfortunately, I don’t get much time to do that anymore as I’m touring so much, but I did play with a band called Mendoza, who can be found on YouTube and SoundCloud, and also with James Morton who is an amazing saxophonist.

Finally you say that Yesterday is your favourite Beatles song. Why do you like that song so much?

I actually find it hard to have a favourite Beatles song, but I do think that Yesterday is a particularly emotional and touching song that a lot of people connect to.

Enjoy a preview of the show below: