Arts Council Gives Fundraising Boost To Theatre’s Educational Aims

Norwich Theatre Royal
A bid to enhance learning opportunities for young people across Norfolk is getting a major financial boost from the Arts Council today (July 27, 2016).

It has awarded £150,000 to Norwich Theatre Royal over the next three years to help its fundraising provision and achievement.

This will help it unlock more money for its core work as an educational charitable trust.

Part of the cash will be spent on increasing the resources available to the theatre for fund-raising and developing some digital assets which can be used to help find further funding.

The rest will go towards unlocking further match-funding to pay for more education and training activity.

This work will include a partnership with the Norfolk Community Foundation which hands out millions of pounds from over 100 different funds to hundreds of charities and community groups across the county every year.

Peter Wilson, Norwich Theatre Royal chief executive, welcomed the Arts Council money. He said: “It is a huge vote of confidence in our ability to improve our fundraising capacity. Plainly, the Arts Council wants to help us ensure that every child in Norfolk has access to the educational opportunities we are giving. We now have an obligation to match the money and spend it wisely.

“We also want to continue our connection with the Norfolk Community Foundation, which has always been a huge supporter of us, and this could bring in another £105,000 which is a major improvement and good news for both us and the arts sector generally.”

Graham Tuttle, the CEO of the Norfolk Community Foundation, said “We are so pleased that the Theatre Royal has been successful with its bid and the Foundation is so pleased to be able to be working alongside the theatre developing philanthropic giving to support the arts.”
Today’s Arts Council grant is part of its Catalyst programme which aims to support organisations to attract more private giving and philanthropic support via gifts, trusts and foundations, corporate donations, sponsorship and individual giving.