All-Male Dance Company Goes From Strength To Strength

The boys are back in the Norfolk based all-male dance company LEGACY is set to appear in two major shows.














LEGACY were initially formed by the young male dancers who were cast to be part of the stunning production of Lord of the Flies at Norwich Theatre Royal.

And now they are set to take front and centre in two major shows. They will join a host of top international acts in the hip hop dance festival Breakin’ Convention on May 13.

LEGACY will also present their very first show at Norwich Playhouse on June 24 which will showcase a wide range of dance styles and their repertoire.

It is the latest chapter in the story which began when New Adventures, the company formed by acclaimed choreographer Sir Matthew Bourne, began the search for young male dancers to star in his production of Lord of the Flies alongside professional dancers.

Under the supervision of LEGACY founders, city-based choreographers Cat Chapman and Scott ‘Scooby’ Atkins, a series of workshops were held around the region to identify local talent as well as equip them with additional skills before a gruelling audition led to some of the young people being offered places in the production.

But what happened after the curtain came down on Lord of the Flies for the final time? Well, the boys wanted to continue working together and Cat was very keen to ensure the opportunities for those involved in the show and other young men around the region continued.

As well as a few performances, the boys have also had the chance to work with expert choreographers, brush up their skills in different dance genres, and even do some circus training, gymnastics and tumbling and even turned their hands to being on film.









Now the challenges are set to continue for Legacy with two major on-stage showcases of their skill.

For Callum O’Brien, these will be his final two commitments with LEGACY. “It has been a great experience for me to dance with just boys,” he said.

And for Callum, variety has been another great thing. “I really enjoy trying a range of different styles. Legacy is about trying to fuse these styles, find our best ones and improve our skills in those we have less experience in. It is something that Legacy can be proud of. We are not a single-genre company. We tackle multiple styles and every single one is different from the last.”

Sixteen-year-old Tiago Bamberger has been with Legacy since the very beginning and has also found it really worthwhile, particularly being part of Lord of the Flies. He said: “It was so awesome and one of the best experiences I have ever had. To work with an all-male cast and with Matthew Bourne’s company was just incredible and I feel so fortunate.

“We had two weeks of intensive rehearsals leading up to it and it was also a show which was all dance which was something I had not done before. It was a bit intimidating but once you were on stage, it was just awesome.”

Also on stage with him that night was 13-year-old George Potter. Like Tiago, being part of a production like this was a whole new experience for him. He recalled: “I had never done anything like that before and being around all the professional dancers was, for me, was quite daunting as I’d never danced before. The further we got through it, it got more comfortable.”

But the creative process was a great learning curve for him and he loved being part of the show from page to stage. “I think for me the first curtain call on opening night was a relief. It was amazing to see so many people applauding something that you had worked so hard for, for a long time. To see that they had really enjoyed it was incredible,” he said.

But not everyone currently with LEGACY had the chance to be part of Lord of the Flies and some have joined since then. Josh Smith, 16, auditioned but didn’t get a part but after seeing the production, decided he wanted to be a part of LEGACY and managed to get in. Josh said he has got an awful lot from it. He said: “It is just like being with the lads. It is real fun. It is really different and good.”

And now all the boys are looking forward to being involved in two major on-stage performances. Tiago said: “Breakin’ Convention is going to be great. We have put together a piece called Water which will be performed on stage. It is also going to be so cool being backstage with all these world-famous hip hop artists.”

Fellow Legacy member Callum agrees. He said: “I am so excited about Breakin’ Convention. It is a positive experience for everyone to perform on the Norwich Theatre Royal stage alongside professionals who have done so much work.”

And with their debut Playhouse show appropriately called Odyssey on the horizon too which will showcase all the work they have done, LEGACY are certainly living up to their name producing some incredible pieces of dance in all genres that will definitely be remembered.

Artistic Director Cat said “Odyssey will involve not only dance but also footage of their journey throughout the year and interviews with guest artists that have been creating choreography with the boys. They’ve been working really hard and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones which is great. We encourage any young men who think they might have a flare for performing to come along and see what LEGACY is all about”.

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